Usually, creating an automated webinar funnel can be a difficult and tedious process. But with our platform, this process is extremely quick and easy!

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a brand-new webinar. So, the first thing is when you're on the dashboard page, you're going to see this new webinar button here in the top right corner. You're just going to go ahead and click on that to start the creation process.


the first thing you'll be prompted for when you're getting started with this process is to select which webinar video you're going to be using.


So depending on the particular plan you have with your account, you may have a couple of options here. The first option is to just provide a direct link to wherever your video file is hosted. So, for example, I have a video hosted on Amazon S3 storage, so I'm just going to go ahead and paste the link to that here.

And then once you paste that link, all you have to do is click that save button and you're good to go. Your webinar video will show up in the presentation area. This particular option supports all sorts of video hosting solutions such as Amazon S3 or Vimeo or any other hosting provider.

However, if the particular plan of your account also supports directly uploading videos to our servers, this is an option you'll be able to choose from as well.

So, for this particular option, all you have to do is click on this upload video button and choose the webinar video file that you want to use. In this case, I have a test webinar video file right here that I'm going to select. And then once it's done, all you have to do is click on that save button and you're good to go.

So we're going to go ahead and click on this next button, which is going to take us to the next step in this process. And you'll see here, we're just being asked for some very simple details about our webinar.

Now, underneath this, you're going to be asked how long the webinar should last in terms of minutes. And this is useful for things like when to send the automatic replay email notifications and when to automatically redirect to a different page. Say, for example, you want to redirect to a sales page after the webinar is over at the 90-minute mark.


You'll see we have two other sections. We have the webinar presenter section and the webinar schedule section. So again, this is pretty straightforward. Now, once you're done with all of this, you're just gonna click on this save button and you're good to go. 

The next step in this process is the registration page. So this option is dedicated to customizing your registration page for your webinar. Again, the registration page is the page that visitors to your webinar are going to see before they actually watch your presentation. 


This is where you'll capture their information such as email addresses or phone numbers, their first name, and their last name. So, this can be a very crucial page and we give you tons of customization options here. So, first things first, depending on your plan with your account, you may or may not have access to additional registration templates and these additional registration templates essentially just give you more customization options.

The registration page so we can see what it looks like. So, as you can see here, we have a pretty slick and simple registration page. We have all of the information that we specified. We have the title of our webinar. We have the description of our webinar. We have a countdown timer for urgency until the next webinar session starts. We have all of the dates that we specified for our webinar, including the just-in-time date.


And again, we can completely customize what information we want to have here, such as the branding, the countdown timer, the presenter, and others. And then one last thing I want to mention is that you can completely customize which fields are required here.


Now let's move to the live settings. So, we're gonna click on that next button, and you'll see on this page we have a few simple sections that allow us to enable various things on the actual presentation watch page. So, the first section is this webinar live settings here, and we just have a few simple options to choose. So, the first option here is to either enable or disable the email questions box. And this is essentially a section on the webinar watch page where a viewer if they have any questions, can send messages directly to the creator of the webinar. And those questions will be sent directly to your email so that you can respond to any questions and hopefully increase conversions on your webinar. 

Now another option we have here is for a webinar live chat. And this is a great way to directly interact with the viewers of your webinar presentation. And this is also great for like live webinars.

You can just enable this webinar live chat option. And then when you go into the webinar watch room, you'll see that we have a section right here for the chat and then you can interact directly with the viewers of your webinar. You can type whatever messages you want to interact with and answer any questions that viewers might be having. We have nice little emojis as well so you can send them emojis if that's your thing. So, live chat is a great way to increase engagement during your webinar presentation.

Now another option we have here is the option to redirect attendees after the webinar ends. So, say after your webinar ends, you'd like people to be redirected to a sales page where they can buy something you just simply enable this option. You paste your link in whatever you want.

Now we also have a section dedicated to webinar offers. So again, this is pretty much perfect if you have a product you're trying to pitch during your webinar. You can make it so that an offer section pops up at that exact moment in time when the pitch is shown. So, this is pretty straightforward here. You can just enter in some basic info about your product about your offer.


We have the offer section on the webinar watch page. This is our example offer.

Now another awesome feature that our webinar software has is polls so you can easily add as many polls as you'd like to your webinar presentation. It's as simple as just clicking this add poll button.

You'll see this dialogue will pop up.

Once you've added all the options, you just go ahead and click on this add pull button. You now have a poll that will show up during your webinar to help boost engagement and hopefully boost conversions as well. And just to give a little example of what that looks like, you can see the poll section here on the webinar watch page. 

The viewer can choose the various options that you specified in the settings. Let's just say yes to this option. And you'll see that it actually tells you the percentage of people that voted for either option here. That way viewers can actually see the results of the poll live during the webinar. So, this is great for like live webinar events as well. It's definitely a great way to increase engagement.

Now another feature is handouts. You can easily do that with this webinar handout section. So simply enable the handout.

And then just as an example of what that will look like, here is the handout section on the webinar watch page. We have the title of this handout; we have the description, and we have the button with the call to action that we specified.


And then the last thing I want to show you here is the simulated chat section. So, this is another great way to boost engagement and conversions with your webinar. And essentially this allows you to have automated messages show up in the live chat for your webinar presentation for every single viewer. 

So it's as simple as just clicking this add chat message button. You'll see this dialogue pop up and here we can specify things like the chat username, the text, and the time that we want the message to display. So, let's just choose a username here.

And as a quick example of what that looks like on the watch page, you'll see it in the live chat section.

This is great for things like wanting to automatically hand out a discount for your product that you're trying to sell right before your pitch, for example, or answering some sort of common questions that people might have while they're watching your presentation, things of that nature.

Once you're done with this entire page, you just click on this save button, and then you just click that next button to go to the next page, the final page, the email settings. So, on this final settings page, we can enable and disable a few simple things. The first section here is the webinar notifications, and this pretty much just handles which automatic email reminders should be sent out to registrants of your webinar.

So very simple yet powerful settings are here for your webinar. Underneath this section, we have the email integration section where you can get a bit more advanced. Say you want to integrate your webinar with a particular email autoresponder. This would be the way to do it. We support many of the popular and well-known email autoresponders out there such as Active Campaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and MailChimp. We do have more on the way in the near future.

And by integrating with these email autoresponders, you can do some more advanced things like having the registrants be enrolled into a particular email sequence or email follow-up series, things of that nature. So, it's very simple. Once you've connected your email autoresponder to your webinar software account, you can just click on the email autoresponder that you use. And you'll see here it says when someone registers for this webinar, add them to the following list.

When we're done with that, we would just click the Save button. And then that's pretty much it. Your webinar is ready to be registered for and viewed by the public. So, once you're all done with that, you can just go ahead and click that complete button and you'll be taken back to the dashboard. And that is pretty much it. Your webinar is good to go.