If you're running a webinar and your attendees are showing as "Guest 1", "Guest 2", etc... in your participants tab, it could be for a variety of reasons.

Probably the most common is that attendees entered the watch room using the "non-unique" watch room link. Essentially, when someone registers for your event, they're given a unique session link which they'll use to enter the watch room. If the attendee uses their unique session, our system will know who entered the room and use the info they entered in things like the participants tab and live chat.

But if the "non-unique" watch room link was used, our system won't be able to determine who the attendee is so they will be shown as "Guest" in the participants tab, live chat, etc... and analytics data won't be collected for that attendee.

It's generally recommended to have attendees enter the watch room using their unique session link which is given to them after registering on the thank you page, emails, text messages, and can also be sent via 3rd party integrations. Alternatively, you can also enable attendee sign-in which will force attendees to enter the info they used to register in order to enter the room OR register for the event then and there.