Our built-in email system allows you to send confirmation, reminder, and follow up emails to your registrants and attendees based on wide variety of events. However, you might occasionally run into the issue of some emails landing in spam.

We try very hard to ensure a great sending reputation and strive to maintain as high of a sender score as possible (96+%). That said, occasionally, due to the nature of most modern email providers, some emails are going to get accidentally filtered as spam.

If you're seeing an occasional email landing in spam it's likely not a widespread issue for your registrants. However, if you're seeing ALL your emails land in spam, that might signify that there's an issue with your email subject / body text. Email platforms can and do filter out emails based on large variety of keywords and phrases that they might consider to be indicative of "scammers" or "phishers".

Often, tweaking or cleaning up your email message text can be enough to fix your sending issues.

If you're still having issues after this, you may want to try using one of our 3rd party integrations with CRM & email platforms to send out your emails.

Finally, if you're still having issues, you can reach out to our support team for further assistance.