Our webinar software has built-in integration with HighLevel. This integration supports the standard features that we support with all of our other integrations. For example, adding a contact to HighLevel when someone registers for a webinar, tagging a contact when someone attends, etc...

You can learn more about these features and our standard integration features with HighLevel by contacting our support team.

HighLevel integration also supports a unique feature unavailable for our other integrations: The ability to register a contact for your webinars when that contact is added to your HighLevel account.


How to enable the feature

To get started, head over to your dashboard. Then open up the settings for the webinar you want new HighLevel contacts to be registered for.

Head to the "Other" settings page of your webinar and scroll down to "HighLevel" under the Integrations section. Click on the HighLevel accordion item to open up the HighLevel settings, then scroll down to the bottom.

Here you'll see a toggle button. Click the toggle button to enable this feature. When the feature is enabled, you'll also see a select dropdown allowing you to select a webinar schedule. This is important as it will determine the presentation time of the webinar your new HighLevel contacts will be registered for.

The dropdown will display all the available schedules you've already added in your webinar's settings, as well as "just-in-time" sessions.

Once you've selected the schedule you want contacts to be registered for, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button to save your settings.

And that's it! Now, when a new contact gets added in your HighLevel account, they will automatically be registered for the webinars you have enabled this feature for!