The Webinar Duration setting is an important one to understand as it affects a variety of things with regards to your webinar.

Each webinar inside has a Webinar Duration value associated with it.

The Webinar Duration affects attendee statistics in your analytics, as well as when email notifications, integrations and URL redirections are triggered.

So it's important to make sure that this value is set accurately so that your analytics are accurate and also so that email notifications, integrations, and URL redirections get triggered at the correct time.

Our webinar platform allows you to specify the hours, minutes, and seconds for your total webinar duration.

Typically, the Webinar Duration should be set to the length of your webinar video or live presentation. For example, if your webinar video lasts 1:15:35 (1 hour, 15 minutes, and 35 seconds), you should set the hours field to 1, the minutes field to 15, and the seconds field to 35. The screenshot below shows what it should look like in this example.