If you want to use our Zapier integration, please go to Zapier.com in order to set up your Zaps. Please use the Events Connecter Zapier app to connect to our platform. You may need to sign in with your account details when initially setting up the connection.

With our Zapier integration, you can trigger a Zap whenever someone registers for one of your events. You can also register someone for an event using the "New Webinar Registration" action.

Zapier Triggers

If you'd like to trigger another application whenever someone registers for one of your events, you'll need to use the "New Webinar Registration" trigger.

To get started, create a new Zap on Zapier.com.

When prompted to choose an app, search for platform and select it. For the event, choose "New Webinar Registration". On the next step, you'll need to authorize Zapier to access your account. Once you've given Zapier access, you'll need to choose a webinar that will trigger the Zap.

Once you've selected the webinar from your account, you'll be prompted to test the trigger to make sure the Zap is working correctly. Alternatively you can skip this step.

The final step is to connect your Zap to another application on Zapier. For example, you can choose to send the emails that register for your webinars to an email autoresponder/CRM application using this Zapier integration.

Our webinar software sends along whatever information the registrant provided (email, first name, last name, and phone number) along with the registrant's unique event link and the event date/time.


Zapier Actions

If you'd like to register someone for one of your webinars when a different application is triggered on Zapier, you'll need to use the "New Webinar Registration" Action.

To get started, create a new Zap on Zapier.com.

Start by selecting our platform as the app and "New Webinar Registration" as the action event. On the next step, select your account. After that, you'll need to select the webinar you want to register people for. Choose your webinar from the drop down, select the date and time you want to register the person for, and for the various other fields (first name, last name, email, etc...), select the data source (based on the data sent from the trigger app).


Once you've finalized the field settings, continue through to test your Zap and that's it!