If your plan includes video uploads, you can upload your webinar video directly to our servers. To get started, in your webinar's video settings page, click the toggle button to show the video upload section, click the upload video button, and then choose the video file to upload.

Once your video is uploaded, it will be selectable as a video source across all your webinars and pages.

Please note that after your video uploads, it may take up to 30 minutes to process before being viewable on the page.

Also, please make sure that your video is highlighted in green and says "Selected". This denotes that the video is selected as the video source for the webinar that you are editing.

How to upload your videos directly if your plan allows for it. So the first video that you're going to be able to upload directly is your webinar presentation. From the homepage, you're simply going to go into edit webinar and you're going to click that toggle switch to use uploaded video.

From here, you will simply be clicking browse and you will upload your video here. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for your video to be processed. So, if you're in the webinar watch room and wondering why the webinar is not playing, please wait 30 minutes and try again. That is likely the issue.

There are two more places currently where you're able to add a video directly to our webinar software. So, if you go to design, and open the registration/thank you page editor, and scroll through the page until you find an option that show video and Toogle video type.

You can simply toggle this and upload a video directly to our webinar software.