The tutorial below shows you how to get up and running with our webinar software when you sign in for the first time. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have a good understanding of how to navigate the software and where to find each feature.

So, I'm going to go ahead and sign into this demo account.

and this is what you will see when you log into your account for the first time.

So, at the top, you're going to have the option to click on tutorials. You're going to have the ability to contact our support desk. And you're going to have the ability to check out our affiliate program.

First, let's go ahead and go over to the dashboard. So, as you can see if you hover over your ID dashboard will just take you back home. If you click on settings, you're going to see a few things. Here you'll be able to see which level of your account you are currently on.


From here you'll be able to change your profile information, the name of your account, and the email. You'll be able to update your password.

You'll be able to add different presenters that will be automatically populated into your webinar. And from here you will be able to manage your integrations.

So going to go back to the dashboard and here you're going to be able to click on create a new webinar. And from here you will be able to go through the process of creating your webinar.

So, the first is that you'll be able to include your video.


From there you'll be able to go through and add some of the information like webinar details.

Then you can click next to go to the next section. Here you'll have your option to edit the registration and thank you pages of your webinar funnel. 

From there you can go to next and go through and tweak all of your different settings. 

There will be another tutorial that goes through this in detail. And from there you will go ahead and hit complete.

From there your webinar will appear right here in the main section.

If you hover over this arrow and click it you can click edit webinar to go ahead and edit it. You can click get links and that's going to give you the important links that you need including the registration link which will take you to the registration page that you build. The watch room link, this is the actual webinar room. And the control room, this is going to be the room that you can moderate the chat from and check the webinar or a team member of yours can check the webinar. 

So that's an overview of our webinar software and what it looks like when you log in for the first time.